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After a few successful visits, a new kitten had a reaction to a vaccine after the vet gave 2 shots in the same place on his body - had to run to the emergency room later as he was screaming in pain. Then tried to contact the next day to get info for my vet as when looking closely, the forms were not filled out all the way, there was missing information even on the form the trip prior.

So now there is no way to know which vaccine caused the reaction, or if all of his boosters were even given as he needed 3 (as stated in their paperwork and acknowledged verbally by them) but the paper work says 2 were given. The worst part was that there is no way to get contact info for the vet to ask and no way to get contact info for whoever schedules to get contact info. Animals can die from vaccine reactions but they are only "sorry for your frustration".

So in the end, they work only if your animal does not have a reaction. For me there is no cost savings in a company that cuts corners, doesn't have complete records and is incapable of helping get pertinent info when there are issues and they certainly won't cover those emergency vet bills.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Actually, that statement would be false on all accounts. They have licensed veterinarians that use the SAME PRODUCTS as those that work in brick and mortar clinics, records are kept and readily available, and vaccine reactions are covered per company policy. Maybe you work for a competitor???

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