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I am a current Petco employer and now a very unhappy and saddened former vetco customer. I work Monday through Friday and since the vet clinic is on Sunday evening I had never seen exactly how things were done there.

As soon as the technicians came in a began interacting with customers and their pets I saw that they were bossy, very unfriendly and downright rude and completely uncompassionate. So I felt completely uncomfortable and nervous about the way my Max was would be treated. When they came around to each customer to do all the paperwork I seen them trying to sell the most expensive stuff possible they wanted me to take the most expensive package their was buy I ended up with the second most expensive one. At the time I talked to the vets assistant I showed and explained to him that my dog had broke and tore his dew claw the night before and so it was still very painful to my dog so any person that knows about dogs would know that a wounded dog or a dog in pain is going to be stressed, scared and is not going to be as calm as a dog that's feeling good and up to par.

So, the vet approaches the table I immediately explain about his dew claw that is broke on half almost all the way down by the skin is very painful and was actually on the process of trying to get her opinion about how to take care of this injury. I know this was only a vaccination clinic was just hoping for a simple little professional advice as she started examining my dog she was not gentle or caring in any way shape or form keep in mind this woman is a vet get life is suppose to be devoted to the care of our pets that are truly family members.. They matter!!! She was rough handling him not even caring that he had a extremely sore foot.

My dog starts getting nervous, scared and growly he was raising lips like dogs always do to warn you that they are feeling threatened or your hurting or scaring them and they will react by trying to *** or escape if possible. So Max tried to nip her and she immediately went for his throat with her hand and she literally had her fingers on each side of his trachea and she was squeezing really hard I was tripping I was speechless for a minute my dog was literally being choked on front of dozens of other people and pets my adult son was with me he immediately said why are you choking him like that you need to stop that Max is a very good dog off she just would have not hurt his foot and quit choking him he would have instantly calmed down but she wouldn't stop all this time he's being choked by the vet. The vet asked the assistant to get a muzzle for small dogs I was like what he's never needed a muzzle to be vaccinated or any other time he's just not the type of dog that needs a muzzle. After do he's a 7 pound Chihuahua not a 100 pound pit bull..

She went overboard to the extreme this was straight up animal abuse.. So they actually had to get a muzzle off the shelf for my dog so if muzzling got vaccination is standard procedure seems to me they would have kept then handy in all the large supply boxes they brought in. But while the assistant shopped for a muzzle for Max he's still being choked by the vet it was crazy. I felt so sorry for my Max he had to have been just terrified and scared I was heartbroken for him.

It was very traumatizing for us and Max especially. I didn't even let them finish the blood test on him. It was a horrible experience the other customers appeared as shocked and saddened as me. This is all on the store camera, I am going to request to have my general manager review the video so he can see how my dog was seriously mistreated!

This is unprofessional and unacceptable treatment by a licensed veterinarian.

I cannot recommend a Petco vetco clinic to anyone on fact I strongly discourage anyone going there it felt like it was all about how much money they could make of us all instead caring about the health and we'll being of or pets! I'm going to report this experience to anyone and any agency that will listen!

Product or Service Mentioned: Vetco Clinics Veterinarian.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Wow, I know this is a year old--but one should never put pressure like that on the trachea--esp a small dog! She could have totally caused damage and a collapsed trachea.

IF anyone EVER tries that--make them stop immediately!

I have worked in the veterinary field for over 30 years as a Registered Veterinary Technician and have never seen this done to any animal as a restraint. Simply horrible...


Complain to the office of the company which owns and sends out the clinic to Petco. I'm in Connecticut and twice many years ago, I complained to the management of the clinic about the behavior of one of its staff.

My problem was with a nasty woman who was the manager of, and accompanied, the clinic when it traveled to North Haven. As she was a direct employee of the clinic, she was reprimanded. The Connecticut headquarters was a small office, staffed by only two women, one of which was her. A higher employee would oversee those two.

At some point I had to call to get vaccination records, and it came up in conversation with senior management, that the woman with whom I had had two unpleasant encounters, had been let go, not only because she had received too many complaints about her rude behavior, but for some other wrongdoing while working weekdays in the upstate office. In your case, possibly the veterinarian or company management, would review with the clinic staff about how to better handle such a situation as yours was.

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