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We took our dog to Petco Clinic in for her rabies immunization. That night she began to cry out in pain, she wouldn't jump up on the bed, wouldn't eat or drink and wouldn't allow us to pick her up; we couldn't even pet her.

That night we took her to our vet who told us she thought the tech scrapped our dogs hip muscle with the injection needle. Our vet gave her another injection for pain and some pain pills. She continued to be in pain for two days. The pain medication made her tired so she didn't eat or drink for those 2 days.

We called Petco clinic and the person who answered the phone told us that it was normal for some dogs to have a reaction... Wrong thing to say. In my opinion the person at Petco Clinic could have made an attempt to take responsibility or at least apologize. We were not asking for a refund or vet fees.

All we wanted to accomplish was to pass this information on to Petco Clinic so they could take appropriate measures so it doesn't happen to another pet. Petco Clinic will never see my pets hip again.

Product or Service Mentioned: Vetco Clinics Rabies Pet Vaccination.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Did the dog die? I'm assuming she didn't.

Usually dogs do not have a bad reaction to rabies shots later - most feel it and cry out in pain a minute or so after getting the injection. All that being said, one of my dogs, years ago, received a rabies shot and when we got home she went under a nightstand and stayed there for 3 days. She was ok but it was traumatic for her. She wouldn't let us touch her and wouldn't eat.

She did drink but I know it was a reaction to the rabies shot. Some dogs are just more sensitive than others and it could have something to do with where she got the shot. I've found that a shot in the read end is less traumatic than on the neck.

I can attest that whether you want to hear it or believe it some dogs do have a reaction. No one wants to see their dog in pain, but she is alive.


my question is: why the *** was the technician administering the rabies vaccine in the first place?! this is absolutely unacceptable from a medical standpoint.

rabies is not taken lightly, what with its near 100% mortality rate, and its being zoonotic and all. virus that kills you guaranteed + ability to contract said virus from our pets = REALLY strict regulations on who and when a rabies vaccination can be given. this issue NEEDS to be brought to the attention of petco, the subset of petco dealing with vetco complaints, and, most importantly, this NEEDS to be reported to your state veterinary medical/discipline board.

this is not good medicine, and it's not taken lightly in the field.

good luck.

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